2024 Ecosmartair
The ecosmart HVP high velocity hydronic furnace is designed to maximize performance and comfort in residential or light commercial applications.  The ecosmart can be used with a variety of heat sources such as boilers and water heaters and can be implemented in combo systems that provide domestic hot water as well as space heating. Smart control systems within the ecosmart allow extraction of maximum heat by allowing condensing high efficiency heat sources to work at their maximum efficiency while providing ultimate comfort with unmatched performance. The ecosmart HVP features: Simple, independent heat/cool airflows and system parameters that can easily be set by the installer to adjust for a wide variety of installations. A 0-10V input from a Building Automation System (BAS) to control fan speed and pump operation. Standard 120VAC pump or a variable speed pump from the 0-10V interface providing multi-flow functionality. Constant Pressure Technology (CPT™) automatically maintains the desired airflow within the ductwork irrespective of outlet vents opening and closing.